OSBCC imagines a framework for like-minded school board members, educational professionals and parent groups to pursue a ‘Back to the Basics’ educational agenda.


OSBCC engages like-minded current, past and potential school board members from across Ohio who want to advance an academics-first agenda.

Values & Beliefs

OSBCC believes students come first. We seek to uphold transparency, honesty, trust, freedom, choice, teamwork, civility, and tolerance.

OSBCC Membership Benefits

  • Both in-person and virtual networking opportunities with like-minded people
  • Share best practices with other school board members.
  • Strategically bold coaching for challenging situations.
  • Training for candidates and active school board members.
  • Specialized policy writing.
  • Local support for critical issues.
  • Legislative updates and advocacy.
  • Up to date schools in the news stories.

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