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Liberty Group Leaders Coalition

Are you tired of hearing about tax-payer funded public schools too often ignoring actual academics like english, math, science and history, and instead focusing on teaching Critical Race TheoryThe 1619 Project, gender identity ideology, social emotional learning (SEL) and more? Do you support keeping boys and girls bathrooms for biological boys and girls respectively, as well as maintaining boys and girls sports, as just that, for boys and girls who were born that way?

Join SOS Ohio Chairman Jim Renacci and Director Tom Weyand, Ohio Freedom Action Network President Tom Hach and OSBCC Director Jeramiah Sawyer for a very special zoom call as we UNITE to elect good candidates and take back our school districts.

Past Meetings:

OSBCC: Liberty Group Leaders – Kickoff Meeting – February 18th 2023

Zoom Password: 5.#.9KE5

Quarterly Regional Luncheons

Join the OSBCC Executive Team in a quarterly luncheon coming to a location near you!


  • Past, current or future school board members
  • Liberty group leaders
  • Concerned citizens

We invite you to attend our quarterly in-person networking events throughout the Great State of Ohio! Simply join OSBCC and we will send you details for the next event!

Past Meetings:

Columbus – November 14th 2023

Strongsville – February 5th 2023

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