Who We Are


OSBCC imagines a framework for like-minded school board members, educational professionals and parent groups to pursue a ‘Back to the Basics’ educational agenda and a focus on graduating citizens capable of self-governance. This will be accomplished by fostering cooperation, the sharing of ideas and through engaging local school boards, from both inside and outside to ensure the curriculum, policies and overall environment promotes these objectives. 


OSBCC engages like-minded current, past and potential school board members from across Ohio who want to advance an academics-first agenda. We will provide campaign support, relevant training, and opportunities for networking and the sharing of best practices. Working together, we will advance this agenda at the school board, county and state levels.


  • Students come first.
  • Foster academic excellence at all district levels.
  • Recognize respectful debate is the foundation for innovation and consensus building.
  • Graduate individuals who are capable of self governance, understand personal responsibility and respect the United States of America.
  • Represent parents & taxpayers who are the district’s ultimate customers.
  • Value teachers and district employees who are the keys to success.
  • Uphold transparency, honesty, trust, freedom, choice, teamwork, civility, and tolerance.
  • Support fiscally sound and transparent policies determined by local school boards.
  • Accountability for decision makers and leaders.
  • Use data and facts to support prudent decision making.
  • Protect privacy of personal data for students and employees.

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