Membership Application

Full OSBCC Pledge

As an OSBCC member I pledge to support the following…

  • Academics First Focus: Support a facts-based, age-appropriate curriculum, which is available online for all community members to review and understand
  • Student Privacy: Protect student privacy by ensuring all data collected by outside parties via surveys and other means are not personally identifiable to individual students.
  • Physical Privacy: Protect students’ physical privacy by limiting access to bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and other such facilities by biological sex.
  • Parental Rights: Recognize parent’s rights to understand all aspects of their children’s school experience, and opt-out of all aspects parent’s find objectionable.
  • American History: Promote the teaching of American history in a way which reinforces students’ understanding and honoring of the exceptional nature of their country.
  • Learning Environment: Cultivate a learning environment which embraces freedom of speech and religion, while promoting respectful tolerance of differences.