OSBCC (10/27/22) – State Board of Education Executive Committee Meeting 10/31/22 on Shea’s Resolution & New Superintendent

OSBCC Members & Community Support Teams,

Good morning!  There are a lot of amazing groups out there helping with the battle to protect our children, parents rights, and women’s rights (Special Thanks to OVV, Moms for Liberty, & POC!).  Shea’s Resolution was a first step to this for our schools.  It also forced people to show their true colors of what they stand for.  Please keep the pressure on the SBE, SBE Executive Committee, and your Legislators.  Below is some critical information including the letter AG Yost sent to the Department of Education last month which really draws the lines on these critical issues and the SBE should be considering very closely.  Also, below is the information you need on the Special Executive meeting on 10/31/22 to discuss this resolution.  They are also discussing finding a permanent Superintendent for SBE (another very important issue with an over blown 600 plus ODE employee government entity).  What are they doing to make Ohio go from top 5 in education to below 30 in the last 12 years?  We do have the momentum, righteousness, and the truth on our side in this battle.  Keep pushing and supporting those around you/

Take action – write, email, and call the SBE and your legislators!  Take action – vote on November 8th!

AG Yost’s Letter to United States Department of Education:

  • LINK:  https://files.constantcontact.com/6c8b7138001/861f53f0-a836-46d8-be34-c1faa99f6e1c.pdf?rdr=true
  • Key excerpts from 30-page letter:
  •   “The Proposed Rule (Biden’s radical Title IX mandates) will hurt women in other ways, too. Take scholarships. Most universities offer women-specific scholarships, particularly in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math). While that practice can be controversial (if a school disadvantages men), under the Proposed Rule, a school would be unable to preserve scholarships to benefit either women or men. That may affect women’s long-term earning and career potential. Women make up only 21 percent of engineering majors and 19 percent of computer science majors. If opportunities for women are reduced by the Proposed Rule, that gap will only widen. “  
  • “…Instead, when it comes to sexual assault, the main problem with failing to separate the sexes is that it becomes easier for non-transgender sexual predators to infiltrate women’s-only spaces where women are likely to be vulnerable. After all, if the women’s locker room allows male entrants, would-be witnesses are not likely to think much of biological men entering the room. And that makes it easier for non-transgender sex criminals to enter areas where women are vulnerable. There is a reason that humans, for millennia, have seen fit to separate the sexes with respect to certain activities. It is passing arrogant to assume these barriers can be torn down without consequence.”
  • “…Just last year, in Loudon County, Virginia, a “pansexual” biological male assaulted a girl in a girl’s restroom—a restroom he had access to because the school had a policy of resisting sex-based bathroom distinctions. And female athletes, like college swimmer Riley Gaines, experience “extreme discomfort” in sharing locker rooms with biological men.”  


Agenda link:  http://public.education.ohio.gov/StateBoardBooks/2022%20-%20Board%20Books/October%2031,%202022-Executive%20Committee/October%2031st%20Executive%20Committee%20Agenda.pdf

Material link:  http://public.education.ohio.gov/StateBoardBooks/2022%20-%20Board%20Books/October%2031,%202022-Executive%20Committee/

Notice link:  https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/OHED/bulletins/3336061

Committee Link:  https://education.ohio.gov/State-Board/Committees/Executive-Committee

Chair: Charlotte McGuire (President), Martha Manchester, Paul LaRue, Mike Toal, Antoinette Miranda, Jenny Kilgore, Brandon Kern

Here are their emails:  Charlotte.McGuire@education.ohio.govMartha.Manchester@education.ohio.govPaul.LaRue@education.ohio.govMichael.Toal@education.ohio.govAntoinette.Miranda@education.ohio.govJenny.Kilgore@education.ohio.govBrandon.Kern@education.ohio.gov

Here are the rest of the SBE emails:


Together we are stronger!


Jeremiah Sawyer, OSBCC 

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